Shh. Listen. World Listening Day

URBANISTA: World Listening Day draws us into the role of sound in natural and cultural environments, and reminds us that 'some of our most profound experiences in life are not seen; they are heard'.
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The world hums and pulses with sound and hymn. An intrepid network of field recordists draws out these rhythms, recognising that these sensescapes have something to tell us if only we’d listen. Renowned cultural planner Charles Landry has noted that urbanisation results in a proliferation of sound and often the pleasurable sounds – like music, talking and laughing – are drowned out by noise. As individuals move around, plugged into their portable music devices, they are selectively removed from the auditory envelop of the city.

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Linda Carroli
About the Author
Linda Carroli is an internationally published cultural journalist and award winning writer. With an extensive publishing record and several editorial roles, she publishes in a range of media and contexts both nationally and internationally. She is producing Placing, a project focused on writing place and place writing. She works as a community, cultural and communications consultant with Harbinger Consultants --- * In part, the Placing project has been exploring this territory with a view to developing publications and sharing information about Australian 'changescaping' practices. This article presents some of the projects that I have included in Placing.