Nine myths that shouldn’t stop you working in the arts (from the archives)

Don't be discouraged by the naysayers. Many of the reasons you will hear not to work in the arts don't mesh with reality.

Tell a teacher, parent or even a stranger at a party that you want to work in the arts and you are likely to have cold water thrown on your ambitions. Myths perpetuated about the industry – and some within the arts sector  itself – discourage wannabees from pursuing an arts career.

Filtered through parents, teachers, universities and peers, these, perceptions can often be warning lights but often they are more like roadblocks placed by people who don’t really know the opportunities the sector provides.

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Madeleine Dore
About the Author
Madeleine Dore is a freelance writer and founder of Extraordinary Routines, an interview project exploring the intersection between creativity and imperfection. She is the previous Deputy Editor at ArtsHub. Follow her on Twitter at @RoutineCurator