Live Futures: an inquiry of queer sex and play

When we look for sex and play, where do we go? ArtsHub attends 'Live Futures: Queer Cultural Safety and Existential Risk' to find out.
Live Futures. Image is a leather clad woman on all fours and a half seen person with their foot on her behind with some bondage rope.

In an 1981 interview titled Friendship as a Way of Life, Paul-Michel Foucault, in discussing the possibilities of sexual identity, queried: ‘How can a relational system be reached through sexual practices? Is it possible to create a homosexual mode of life? … To be “gay,” I think, is not to identify with the psychological traits and the visible masks of the homosexual, but to try to define and develop a way of life.’

When we look for sex and play, where do we go? With that, what do we do when the fate of the world continues to seemingly be eroded by global and climate disorder? These were the main blocks of ‘Live Futures: Queer Cultural Safety and Existential Risk’ at Liveworks Festival, which presented a round-table dialogue that merited detailed discussion among the participants. 

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Karen Leong is a Hong Kong-born writer, journalist and critic. Drawn to reclamation and desire, her body of work operates as semiotic storytellers across art, film and fashion. Alongside her written practice, Karen works across performance and media in bridging the juncture between film and text. You can find more of her work on Vice Asia, Astrophe Magazine, Leste Magazine, and @karen.gif.