Gifting awareness: We Were Lost in Our Country

The Nevada Museum of Art (NMA), in Reno, Nevada is an exceptionally good public art museum with an ambitious program.
We Were Lost in Our Own Country. Image is a headshot of an elderly Aboriginal man with a white beard and moustache, wearing a white cowboy style hat.

The forthcoming exhibition We Were Lost in Our Country, which takes its name from the Tuan Andrew Nguyen film of 2019, tells the story of the Native Title championing Ngurrara Canvas II of 1997, made by Western Desert artists from the Walmajarri, Wangkajunga, Mangala and Juwaliny communities and language groups.

Gathering at the Pirnini station near Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley, the group determined that by co-authoring a painting they would be able to prove ownership and long association with the land. Monumental in scale, the painting is effectively a memory map charting 40,000 years of direct connection with the land.

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Gillian Serisier is an editor and writer working across art, architecture, design and travel. Constantly mapping the influence of design, she brings a particular way of looking at how both function and aesthetics positively contribute to the lived experience.