Finding words for dance’s physicality

For dancers mediating movement through words and context destroys the purity of physical intimacy.

I’d like to talk about a paradox that is becoming apparent in the development of my artistic work.

It is a clichéd observation that movement is ephemeral, and any learnt information through a physical practice is not easily recorded. As a dance maker and thinker engaging with physical research and performance, I find writing to be an unnatural yet liberating process. Writing is tangible; these words remain clear long after I have formed the thoughts, which is more than I can say for my years of deep intrinsic physical knowledge.

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Rennie McDougall
About the Author
Rennie McDougall is a contemporary dancer, working and performing with Phillip Adams BalletLab. He recently premiered his first full-length work, SUPERTONE through Next Wave's Kickstart program for the 2012 Festival. Rennie graduated from VCA in 2009. Rennie is interested in engaging with an evolving contemporary dance language as a performer, choreographer and teacher.