Building back better: Disability arts one year on from COVID

A panel of leading arts and disability advocates at this year’s Arts Activated Conference unpacked what we’ve learnt from COVID so far and examined what ‘building back better’ looks like.
Arts Activated 2021 conference. Image supplied.

COVID has triggered rapid change across all levels of society and the impact on the arts and cultural sector has been especially harsh. There have been a lot of conversations around how the pandemic has opened up access to all kinds of audiences, but what has and hasn’t worked? What’s been missed, and what more can we do?

These were the questions explored during One Year On: The Pandemic’s Big Picture Legacy For Arts & Disability, a panel discussion at the recent Arts Activated 2021 Conference. Unpacking what we’ve learned from the pandemic’s impact so far, the panel of leading arts and disability advocates examined what ‘building back better’ looks like.

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Giselle Bueti has written for publications such as The Advertiser, The Adelaide Review, RIP IT UP, BMA magazine and Yewth Mag. Previously, Giselle worked as Arts Editor for The AU Review and Content Growth Editor at ArtsHub. She is based in Melbourne, Victoria.