Artistic identity in an age of terror

Post 9/11 do Arab-American artists have to pick a side or can they use their heritage to inform new bodies of work that illuminate both points of view?
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In the “Age of Terror” information can either lessen or increase our fear. When it comes to the Middle East, Palestine, and the War on Terror, infromation portals like Electronic Intifada (EI) have been attempting to educate people, in particular Arab Americans, about the side of the coin the Bush Administration doesn’t want anyone to see.

EI is a powerful blend of news and analysis. The website also features a strong Arts and Culture section. It is believed to have been pivotal in shaping an increased sense of cultural diversity amongst members of the Arab American community since 9/11.

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Craig Scutt
About the Author
Craig Scutt is a freelance author, journalist, and writer.