Ancestral voices speak the language of science and art

Science and art are branches of the same root watered and nurtured in different ways. After centuries of utilizing science in the making of their creations, artists are now offering their white-coated compatriots the chance to engage new and important audiences.
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Far from just killing the cat, curiosity enabled western civilization to develop along previously unforeseen paths. In their attempts to understand life, the universe and everything, European Enlightenment intellectuals turned their attention away from mysticism and metaphysics to examine instead the realities of the natural order.

It is not a coincidence that during the 16th century, the dawn of the Enlightenment period, the first ‘pure’ landscape painting emerged through experimentation. Free from the constraints of having to view the world through theological spectacles, artists were able to apply their curiosity to the material world.

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Craig Scutt
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Craig Scutt is a freelance author, journalist, and writer.