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Two meerkats - it looks like one is whispering a secret to the other.

This week's arts news and trending topics

In case you missed them, here are this week's top arts news stories.

The five Olympic rings.

Literary Olympics: what wordsmith events would be on the program?

Imagine if there were an Olympics that favoured (bookish) brains over brawn. What would it look like?

Two panels. On left is of a man with dark hair wearing a grey jumper. He is smilling. On the right is cover of a book with the words 'R.E.Generation' set against a forest background.

Book review: R.E.Generation, Michael Prewer

A dystopian novel that sees climate change erase mammalian life forms. What now?

Imogen Batt-Doyle, winner of The Cloncurry Poetry Prize 2024 with an ode to the Outback. Photo: Supplied. A person squatting on the peak of a mountain with the sun setting in the background.

Opportunities and awards

Residency to create site-responsive work inside chic hotel, winners of Bush Music Fund, crime book finalists, and more!

With the closure of Booktopia, the Austral;ian book industry is reeling.

Booktopia is poised to collapse – what next?

Booktopia, Australia's largest online book retailer, went into voluntary administration last week. The industry is reeling.

A headshot of a young man with wavy brown hair and a black top. He is grinning

Come in as a student leave as a professional

Studying for an MFA in Dramatic Writing offered opportunities not just for work, but also for life-long friends and collaborators.

A pale pink background. There is a large gold coin with the number 1 on it hanging above three piles of coins.

How did winning literary awards affect your life?

Whether it's validating your own work, buying more time to write more books or even changing the whole course of…

Woman in jeans and red jumper reading a book inside with warm drink.

Winter warmers: 18 new art books to curl up with

Warm up with these new art publications hot off the press.

Man sitting on chair outside with paper pages raining down on him. Arts news.

This week's arts news and trending topics

This week's top arts news stories and most read reviews.

Two panels. On the left is a blonde woman with glasses and a black top. On the right is a cover of a book with 'The Cautious Traveller's Guide to the Wastelands' written in black. The cover is black and tan with a picture of an incoming train.

Book review: The Cautious Traveller’s Guide to the Wastelands, Sarah Brooks

A sweeping novel of strange lands, mysterious characters, and a train journey that will change the world.

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