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Author Julian Meyrick, who wears a hat, turns to his left to look at the cover of his book, the design of which features rows of coloured dots.

Book review: Australia in 50 Plays, Julian Meyrick

A wide survey of the contribution of theatre to our national sense of identity.


Book review: The Uncaged Sky, Kylie Moore-Gilbert

A memoir about being imprisoned in Iran for 804 days.


Book review: Our Members Be Unlimited, Sam Wallman

In this new kind of graphic novel, Sam Wallman fearlessly celebrates unions and their place in our history and our…


Book review: Childless, Sian Prior

A memoir that charts loss, pain and recovery.


Book review: Fugitive, Simon Tedeschi

Tedeschi is equally impressive on the page as he is at the piano.


Book review: Growing up in Country Australia, Edited by Rick Morton

There is a magic to these stories that trace the influence of (rural) youth to present lives.


Book review: Root and Branch, Eda Gunaydin

Twelve essays explore inheritance, family, identity and place through the lens of Turkish-Australian culture.


How a festival responded to election fever (sausage sizzle included)

Sydney Writers' Festival nimbly navigates election coverage, explains Artistic Director Michael Williams.

Opinions & Analysis

How creative writing helps teens cope with COVID

Creative writing is therapeutic for teenagers, and also shows them new ways of supporting one another.

Opinions & Analysis

Finding gay panic in writing

When author Jonathan Butler started researching his ancestor’s sexuality, he soon encountered the thorny business of outing the dead.

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