Vicki Renner

Vicki Renner writes across genres and audiences, from YA historical fiction to social media posts in numerous part-time roles. When she's not writing she's fundraising for conservation projects.

Vicki's Latest Articles


Exhibition review: Brent Harris, TarraWarra Museum of Art

Brent Harris' ambiguous and surreal forms explore the body, familial relationships and (post) death.


Book review: The Power of Trees, Peter Wohlleben

Ancient forests are waiting for us to let them save us.


Book review: A Little Give, Marina Benjamin

Cutting a path through the personal and the domestic.


Exhibition review: Peter Booth, TarraWarra Museum of Art

From grotesque humanity to lonely snowdrifts and lush waterfalls.


Book review: Icebergs to Iguanas, Jason Edwards

Global images of beauty and horror by a long-time National Geographic photographer.


Book review: Berani, Michelle Kadarusman

A heart-warming tale of bravery in Borneo.


Book review: Wildlife in the Balance, Simon Mustoe

This clear-eyed book explores how all creatures, great and small, are essential to our collective futures.


Theatre review: This Is Where We Live

A visceral story of young people attempting to break free.


Book review: The Snow Laundry, Mette Jakobsen

A dystopia that blends the familiar with the strange.


Exhibitions reviews: Rhythms of the Earth and Where Lakes Once Had Water

Two different exhibitions show a commonality in theme: the Australian landscape.

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