Vanessa Francesca

Vanessa Francesca is a writer who has worked in independent theatre. Her work has appeared in The Age, The Australian and Meanjin

Vanessa's Latest Articles


Theatre review: Hercules

A modern lens dismantling of the myth-making behind the heroic figure of Hercules.


Musical review: Driftwood

A story of creativity, family and resilience that revolves about Jewish identity and diaspora.


Exhibition review: Helmut Newton: In Focus

Showcasing the life of the man, as well as his photography, in a stylish and pensive tribute.


Concert review: To Barbra, With Love!

An all-star line up pay tribute to a musical icon.


Theatre review: Yes

A performance tasked with the forensic asking of questions to unpick a messy world.


Theatre review: Yentl, Arts Centre Melbourne

An historical play about love and faith with modern resonance.


Theatre review: Admissions, MTC

A comedy of manners about race and higher education.


Theatre review: Solas, La Mama

A lesser known tale of James Joyce's daughter comes to the fore.


Theatre review: An Unforgivably Brief History of Australian Theatre with Dr Rob

An entertaining and edifying survey of Australian theatre throughout the ages.


Exhibition review: Vivienne Binns, MUMA

A survey of an iconoclastic artist who explored feminist ideology and advocated within community arts.

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