Vanessa Francesca

Vanessa Francesca is a writer who has worked in independent theatre. Her work has appeared in The Age, The Australian and Meanjin

Vanessa's Latest Articles

Close up of artwork of a white female chest, with eyes in the place of nipples.

Exhibition review: From The Other Side, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Local and international works focus on the fear of the monstrous-feminine.

A Very Jewish Christmas Carol. Image is two people standing on stage in a spotlight in front of a red curtain. One is dressed as a present, the other as a Christmas tree.

Theatre review: A Very Jewish Christmas Carol, Southbank Theatre

A repurposing of Dickens' classic tale with a gingerbread golem and a miser called Scroogavitz.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Image is a proscenium arch stage set of a dingy living room, with a woman in a red shirt draped across the couch and a man in a grey cardigan sitting on the edge leaning toward her.

Theatre review: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Red Stitch Actors' Theatre

Edward Albee's excoriating exploration of an embattled marriage returns for a modern spin.

refugee. Image is head and shoulders of man of Middle Eastern appearance with shoulder length dark hair and blue shirt against a black background. He is smiling slightly.

Beauty, hospitality, generosity: refugee stories at the heart of Australian literature

Four writers whose revelations of the refugee experience encourage readers to broaden their understanding and their empathy.

I am (not) this body. A short statured woman is standing on a plinth.

Performance review: I Am (Not) This Body, Arts House, Melbourne Fringe Festival

A a cross-disciplinary exploration of the performer's relationship with her body in the world.


Performance review: The Nervous Atmosphere, Arts House

A solo performance that uses music and text to examine what it's like to be struck by lightning.


Exhibition review: Don Quixote, Sutton Gallery

An exhibition based on The Australian Ballet's adaptation of Don Quixote.


Exhibition review: Going Insein, Gertrude Glasshouse

Artwork inspired by the inhumane conditions of the largest prison in Myanmar/Burma.


Theatre review: Worstward Ho, Theatre Works

A rarely presented Beckett play is typically experimental and interior in nature.


Theatre review: Selling Kabul, Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre

Sylvia Khoury's 'Selling Kabul' is a play that helps us remember why the caged bird sings.

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