Nanci Nott

Nanci Nott is an Australian writer who believes in dismantling traditional pedagogy in parenting and education, for the purpose of raising freethinking, compassionate, world-changers.

Nanci's Latest Articles


Book review: Big Beautiful Female Theory, Eloise Grills

Grills critiques the fetishisation of aesthetic counterpoints by highlighting the ‘to-be-looked-at-ness’ of her own personal journey.


Book review: Bad Art Mother, Edwina Preston

A split-perspective exploration of societal hostility towards maternal creativity.


Book Review: The Writer Laid Bare, Lee Kofman

A multi-layered memoir of literary wisdom.


Book review: Cold Enough For Snow, Jessica Au

An innovative contemplation of connection, separation, and epistemic performativity.


Book review: Hovering, Rhett Davis

A transformative tale of overlapping realities and temporal strangeness set in south-eastern Australia.


Book review: Sheilas, Eliza Reilly

A chronological journey through the lives and crimes of world-changing women.


Exhibition review: Walking with Colour, Michael Haluwana

Immersive projection art featuring a breath-taking selection of aerial, landscape, astro and wildlife multimedia.


Book review: The Furies, Mandy Beaumont

A brutal feminist reckoning marks this debut novel.


Book review: Devotion, Hannah Kent

Hannah Kent’s stunning third book is a queer love story that transcends time and space.


Ballet review: The Sleeping Beauty, West Australian Ballet

Elite visual storytelling thrills in the form of dance.

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