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Career Advice

If only I'd known...

Successful writers share what they would tell their younger selves and save you learning from your own experience.


Hot topics reveal current obsessions

The subjects of the moment set the agenda for arts and society in the coming seasons. Some are predictable, others…


Getting diversity in dance right

Leading choreographers discuss the challenges, systemic issues and solutions to ensuring diversity in dance.


Is the pram still the enemy of art?

There‚Äôs been a feminist revolution since Cyril Connolly declared the pram in the hall the enemy of good art. Now…


So you think you're not political

You don't have to be dealing with overtly controversial issues to create work that agitates and activates.

Career Advice

Five secrets of strong women

Whether you are a physical acrobat or climbing the greasy pole of arts management, you need much the same techniques.

Career Advice

Ten tips to improve your superannuation

Will you ever be able to retire? The arts industry is filled with people with inadequate superannuation who need these…


Writing the political

In the age of the hyperlink, the theatre is one place audiences can be engaged without the ability to click…

Opinions & Analysis

What the new cultural policy means for NSW arts

Western Sydney, metropolitan Sydney & regional NSW are the big winners from a policy that sets ambitious targets for cultural…


Building a viable book industry

A small sales upturn is among reasons for optimism but the book industry also faces threats to its financial viability.

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