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Making collaborations work

Whether collaborations occur between organisations or individuals, there can be road bumps along the path to success. From communication to…


Nine ways to build a career as a curator

From internships to diversifying your work experience, four prominent arts curators share how passion and persistence are essential to developing…


Why digital isn't killing the cinema star

Far from killing film festivals, digital exposure may be growing audiences willing to try something different.

Career Advice

How to write a cultural policy

Most councils have a cultural policy or are writing one so producing and updating them is remarkably steady work for…


The end of the quiet library

It's getting harder to tell a library from a community arts centre, performance venue, indoor playground or events organiser.


Why be a peer reviewer?

Australia Council has opened up its lists of peer reviewers and participation can have long term rewards.


Give your CV a digital makeover

Sending your CV as a text-based Word document may have you standing out for all the wrong reasons.


How to register as a charity

Your not-for-profit arts organisations may be eligible for tax-deductible donations if you register as a charity.


How to choose the best crowd-funding site

Ten questions to help you pick between Pozible, Indiegogo, Kickstarter and the next start-up to host your crowd-funding campaign.


Making the most of the crowdfunding crowd

A successful crowdfunding campaign can be just the starting point for building a fan base of regular financial supporters.

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