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Creative industries inquiry demonstrates need for national cultural policy as hearings continue

Australia’s Parliament is holding an inquiry into the creative industries. Ben Eltham looks at the evidence given in public hearings.

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Local councils picking up arts funding slack

A new report says cultural funding ‘reached its highest point ever’ in 2017/18 – but the real story is a…

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What’s wrong with excellence in the arts

Excellence sounds like a motherhood concept but it is actually a code word for a narrow conservative agenda.

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Proving the real value of the arts

The arts needs to stop trying to justify itself in economic terms and embrace the real public value it delivers.


Arts to come in innovation policy, says Minister

The absence of the arts from the recent Government Innovation statement is not the last word, says the Minister for…


Australia Council showing the stress

The Australia Council is restructuring for life to manage Fifield’s Catalyst regime. Some current staff have been made redundant and…

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Catalyst contradictions revealed at Senate Estimates

A top public servant says Australia Council nominated the figure of $8 million as the amount needed to save small-to-mediums.…

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Sorry but the NPEA's not dead yet

The new Minister has admitted he is thinking of 'adjustments' to the NPEA. We examine the evidence that the Budget…


Indigenous theatre booms with stories to tell

Excavating the untold history of the Stolen Generations is providing a rich seam of stories for Indigenous writers and performers.

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