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Areté Eta - Call for Directors

Dionysus Theatre Inc. is appointing a Production Team for Areté Eta, to be performed August 2024 in Naarm (Melbourne). 

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May 5, 2024





Dionysus Theatre Inc. is appointing a Production Team for Areté Eta, to be performed August 2024 in Naarm (Melbourne). 

Areté is an annual one-night-exclusive arts festival featuring debut scripts, movement pieces, visual arts, and comedy. 


Areté /əˈrɛt,əˈreɪt/

An ancient greek concept, referring to “excellence” of any kind — especially a person or thing’s “full realization of potential or inherent function.” The term may also refer to excellence in “moral virtue.”


The festival is designed to be inspired by and created in response to a singular quote, selected each year by the Dionysus Theatre team. 


Areté’s quote for 2024 has been selected as the following:

“I longed for one person to see past what society told me I was, or what I never would be, and to see me, as me.” – Chloe Hayden – Australian actor, author, and speaker.


A director for Areté is responsible for developing an interpretation of a debut one-sct script, directing actors in order to achieve this interpretation, and liaising with members of the production team.


Dionysus Theatre Inc. takes pride in showcasing local and amateur artists, playwrights, actors, performers, and theatre professionals  



  • Input on script allocation,

  • Inform audition process,

  • Attend group, staggered rehearsal sessions, mandatory all-cast time,

  • Liaise with production team on staging & technical requirements,

  • Liaise with Head of Direction on directorial choices,
  • Manage both experienced and upcoming actors and performers.



  • Good communication and leadership skills,

  • Time management,

  • Strong design and interpretive vision.

  • All direction must be informed by the theme quote (see above), scripts can otherwise be interpreted as directors see fit,

  • Must attend all rehearsals, including production week.


A successful application will include a brief resume outlining previous experience and relevant skills for this role. This role will be required from early March 2024 – First Weekend of August 2024 [exact dates tbc], and the applicant must be available for rehearsals on Monday evenings. This position is unpaid.

Please contact Kiara at kiaramartinpico@gmail.com to apply or for any additional information.