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Italian heritage group decries 'biennalisation' of Venice

Italia Nostra says a new sculptural display in Venice’s public square distracts from the city’s existing cultural heritage and infrastructure…

Music concert with red smoke and lighting.
Opinions & Analysis

Soundcheck report tabled … and serious work is required for survival

Creative Australia has released its Soundcheck report into Australia’s music festival sector. ArtsHub takes a look at the findings.

‘Top Arts 2024’, installation view at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia. Photo: Kate Shanasy. Three people looking at artwork inside a spacious gallery with white walls and grey concrete floor.
Opinions & Analysis

Top Arts 2024: five student artists to watch

With an overall strong cohort of VCE student artists, ‘Top Arts 2024’ exemplifies dedication and thoughtfulness from young stars.

Four people stand in a forest wearing long black coats. The three women also wear tall black hats, the man a tall white one.
Opinions & Analysis

5 things about WOMADelaide for 2025

Even the most well-established festivals welcome newcomers every year. For those considering WOMADelaide next year, here are some things you…

QSO Clerici conducts Mahler Photo: Stewart Tyrrell
Opinions & Analysis

The QSO, AI and the challenge of authenticity

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra has been criticised for its use of AI in an advertising campaign, but are we being…

Accessibility. A blue figure is in the background with a stream of pancake like yellow discs winding out in front of them like a path.
Opinions & Analysis

Mona Foma – working to increase accessibility

Accessibility is not a 'one and done' issue, but festivals like Mona Foma are moving in the right direction.

Craft hobbies using humble and nostalgic materials. Photo: Amy Shamblen, Unsplash. Colourful paper stripes shooting out of an icecream cone with a small paper umbrella at the top. The background is a pastel yellow.
Opinions & Analysis

Craft hobbies you may have overlooked

Apart from crocheting and knitting, there are other craft hobbies that have come back into fashion with new aesthetic twits.

Community engaged. Image is a brick wall with three arched windows at the top filled in with corrugated iron. There is a frame wide mural on the bricks that says Together we Create!
Opinions & Analysis

What is community engaged practice?

Community engaged practice is not an art form. It’s not an add-on. It’s a way of working, a deep collaboration.

Against a yellow backdrop there is a statuette and five stars and a sprinkling of confetti. Literary judging.
Opinions & Analysis

Literary judging: take a look behind the scenes

ArtsHub answers some frequently asked questions about literary judging.

move on. Image is a small branch of yellowing leaves in the sunlight.
Opinions & Analysis

How do you know when it’s time to move on?

A recent Disability Arts Residency gave AAV's CEO the reassurance that the sector will be in good hands when she…

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