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A town hall event will audience and colourful lighting in room. City of Sydney.

What a $20 million lifeline for Sydney’s cultural life buys

‘Our creative workforce increasingly can’t afford to live or work here,’ Clover Moore, Lord Mayor. ArtsHub look at the City…

Nadiah NfuZion, Dance Summer Camp 2017, Portugal. Photo: David Velez Photography. A large crowd of people gathering in front of an outdoor stage for an energetic dance class.

Bridging the diversity gap through art

A showcase of creatives who use their respective arts practices to enrich, uplift and educate.

'Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street' installation view at HOTA 2023. Photo: ArtsHub.

Sneaker boom: from grassroots to billion-dollar industry

HOTA’s latest international exhibition ‘Sneakers Unboxed’ details the influential people and iconic kicks behind the sneaker boom.

CALD. Image is of a large group of people some standing, some sitting on the ground, from Sweatshop, a Western Sydney-based literary movement.

CALD, CARM and collected: fostering the future artists of Australia

Leaders of Australia’s foremost arts companies run by and with culturally and linguistically diverse young people, speak about their role…

Artist. A young girl in floral baseball cap leaning over charcoal drawing using her finger to draw. Child artist taking a risk.
Education & Student News

Take risks, embrace failure and be comfortable with uncertainty: three activities to help your child think like an artist

The habits of an artist include the ability to generate ideas, trust creative processes and tolerate ambiguity. Here are three…

Gunasekera. Production still from ‘You're So Brave’. Photo: Rama Dolman. The image shows a female figure holding a microphone in the centre against a stage with red light and two projector panels on each side.

Patrick Gunasekera and Georgi Ivers: two artists and their journeys in crip time

Care can come in the form of time, patience, flexibility and community engagement in a world that still poses so…

Education & Student News

Bridging the arts/science divide with stories for kids with autism

Dr Rina Fu's cartoon series helps bring the world of science, technology and art to ALL students.

Three high school students lying on the floor drawing on large piece of white paper.

High schoolers and mental health: can art help give them space?

A slightly unconventional artist-in-schools project is revealing the power of uninterrupted, quiet creative time for teens.

Education & Student News

Why I studied... at Adelaide's Guitar Winter School

Classical guitarist Connor Whyte won the most prestigious guitar competition in the southern hemisphere, after honing his skills at Adelaide's…

'Duck Pond' rehearsal, Yaron Lifschitz and cast. Photo: Jade Ferguson.

A world premiere from the ever-inventive and imaginative Circa

The leading performance company explores the art of ballet, classical music and fairy tales alongside the physicality of circus in…

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