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Chinese art in Australia: Beijing Realism and the ethics of exhibition making

Two curators respond to criticism of their recent exhibition...

Opinions & Analysis

Enough with the selfies; look at the art

US museum guard Dereck Stafford Mangus urges museum goers to put their phones down, just for a minute.


'Air' is a powerful and welcome successor to 'Water'

QAGOMA opens its summer blockbuster exhibition exploring the multifaceted dimensions of the air we breathe.

Opinions & Analysis

Why are climate activists glueing themselves to paintings?

Climate activists are targeting priceless art to spread their message. Here's why the seemingly absurd act is more than a…

Opinions & Analysis

How blockbusters can usher new thinking

Blockbusters offer a voltage of ideas between past and present, so how is a pandemic model ushering a new way…

radiohead kid a mnesia exhibition ps5
Opinions & Analysis

Have Radiohead made a gallery from the PS5?

Legendary alternative band Radiohead have built a free interactive art exhibition for the PlayStation 5 and PC. It’s very cool.

BP Must Fall, Extinction Rebellion protest outside British Museum, London February 2020. Image shutterstock.
Opinions & Analysis

Experts say our galleries and museums need to become greener

From our boards down to visitor services, museums and galleries have a holistic responsibility to become more sustainable entities –…

Opinions & Analysis

Is custodianship outdated thinking for museums and galleries?

A panel of First Nations arts managers takes a look at the role of continuities and custodianship across our GLAM…

Opinions & Analysis

How social justice and a pandemic are shaping Museum leadership

ArtsHub takes a look at the AMaGA discussion on leadership and transformative change for the future of museums and galleries,…

Opinions & Analysis

ArtsHub’s 2021 Archibald, Wynne and Sulman predictions

112 artists vie for this year's Archibald, Wynne and Sulman prizes. Who will win Australia's most prestige gongs? We offer…