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Loving My Lying, Dying, Cheating Husband. Image on left is a black and white author headshot of a 40-something white woman with a blonde fringed bob and glasses, and an open necked shirt, smiling at the camera. On the right is a book cover depicting a large blue expanse of the sea and a bird's eye view of a small boat with a white triangular wake coming from it.

Book review: Loving My Lying, Dying, Cheating Husband, Kerstin Pilz

'Till death do us part' is put to the test in this heartbreaking memoir.

Plot Twist. Jana Firestone. Image is on the left a young woman with shoulder length fair wavy hair parted in the middle and a leopard print top. She has one hand on her hip. On the right is a purple book cover with a looped pink arrow crossing the front over the title.

Book review: Plot Twist, Jana Firestone

A self-help guide to surviving life’s curveballs.

The Great Housing Hijack. On the left is an author upper body shot of a young man with stubbly facial hair, a smile and a grey shirt. On the right is the book cover featuring the title and a range of small houses floating on clouds.

Book review: The Great Housing Hijack, Cameron K Murray

A deconstruction of the housing debate and a proposal for a novel solution.

The Silver River. On the left is an author shot of a middle-aged man wearing glasses and a black jumper, with a red beanie and grey beard with arms folded. He is standing in front of a panel in a recording studio. On the right is a black and white book cover with a close up of a three men, one in full face, two with just the halves of their faces. They are members of the band Midnight Oil. The book's title is over their faces.

Book review: The Silver River, Jim Moginie

A memoir from Midnight Oil's founding member explores Australia's shameful past adoption practices.

The Lucky Ones. On the left is a headshot of a smiling woman in a black top with shoulder length blonde hair. On the right is a book cover with the title across an orange life jacket.

Book review: The Lucky Ones, Melinda Ham

Six Australian immigration stories across time and place.

Nat's What I Reckon. Book cover of recipe book with cheeky, long haired cook in a black T shirt and with a nose ring, pierced lower lip and neck tattoos, and the same author's headshot on the right.

Book review: Smash Hits Recipes, Nat's What I Reckon

Simple, easily made recipes, served with a side of potty-mouthed humour and cooking tips.

White male author Simon Barnard (left) with black book cover for James Hardy Vaux's 1819 Dictionary of Criminal Slang

Book review: 1819 Dictionary of Criminal Slang, James Hardy Vaux and Simon Barnard

Simon Barnard brings new light to a dictionary from the early days of Australia's colonisation.


Book Review: Life Skills for a Broken World by Dr Ahona Guha

A practical guide to good psychological help to bring in the new year.


Book Review: The Buddhist and the Ethicist, Peter Singer and Shih Chao-Hwei

A flawed and occasionally reprehensible dialogue between a Buddhist monastic and a moral philosopher on issues such as animal welfare,…

Photo: Supplied. On the left is a black and white photo of Rodney James, a middle-aged man with light skin and light curly hair, wearing black rimmed glasses and a suite. He is shown from the shoulders up. The right is a cover of the book with a light brown background, a illustration of a man wearing a suit and the words ‘Alan McCulloch’s World of Art | LETTERS TO A CRITIC | Rodney James’.

Book review: Letters to a Critic: Alan McCulloch’s World of Art, Rodney James

An invitation to know the artist, cartoonist and critic, Alan McCulloch, more intimately than through his writing alone.

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