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Older white woman with grey hair stands beside younger woman with dark hair and glasses, seated at the piano, mentoring and teaching her.
Education & Student News

Me and my mentor: Fiona Jury and Robin Baker

Working together to build skill, musicality and, above all, confidence, these two music teachers explain their mentoring process.

The torso of a pregnant violinist with musical notes drawn on the bare stomach.

‘You are left flailing to try and look after yourself’

How the music industry still constrains mothers’ careers.

Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Touring Manager

If you have an affinity for logistics and a love of live music, working as an artist touring manager may…

Education & Student News

Why I studied... at Adelaide's Guitar Winter School

Classical guitarist Connor Whyte won the most prestigious guitar competition in the southern hemisphere, after honing his skills at Adelaide's…


Nurturing tomorrow's classical musicians through tailored training

The Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) offers a unique Performance Program for young musicians, designed to foster brilliant, sustainable…

Vincent Perry, Lecturer in Contemporary Music at Charles Darwin University.
Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Percussionist and Music Lecturer

From playing drums and singing in a Dixieland band, to teaching music students at Charles Darwin University, Vincent Perry's work…


Giving emerging musicians a break

A new ANU and Folk Festival partnership offers opportunities for emerging musicians.

Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Chorus Master

Paul Fitzsimon has been Opera Australia’s Chorus Master since 2019. Here, he shares the secrets of his trade.

Career Advice

Fringe benefits: does playing Edinburgh really help your career?

Four Australian artists reflect on their trip to the world’s biggest arts festival and consider whether the benefits of attending…


Want to be a film and TV composer? Nigel Westlake says ‘check your ego’

Accomplished Australian composer Nigel Westlake shares his tips and tricks for getting into the screen music industry.

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