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Youth participation in the Community Jam Wall (Mai Wiru Big Shop), lead by Warlpiri artist Robin Quinsten Jampijinpa Brown and visiting artist, Kaff-eine. A group of kids working on a colourful mural with their backs facing the camera. The mural depicts a dog and a human figure.

How remote murals replaced media rhetoric with community pride

A new series of murals in Yuendumu, NT has brought community together to share stories and ignite hope in local…

Woman with dark hair and dressed in black in dark gallery with purple illumination in background. Angelica Mesiti. Rite of When.

First Australian artist to activate AGNSW's Tank gallery

Former Venice Biennale artist, Angelica Mesiti will take over AGNSW’s Tank gallery with a new immersive exhibition.

Young woman dressed in black looking at art in Aboriginal exhibition. First Nations.

Wesfarmers Arts’ reconfirms partnership with $2.5 million handshake

In one of the longest corporate partnerships in the NGA's history, Wesfarmers supports learning and visibility for First Nations arts…

Six Asian artists stand or sit next to the products of their ceramic practice.

Blue and white porcelain reimagined by 14 contemporary artists

Expect the unexpected when 14 Asian Australian ceramic artists come together to reinvent the classic blue and white piece of…

An older Caucasian man with a white moustached tinged with ginger wears a green shirt and brown jacket. He is looking off to the right and cradling a paper coffee cup.

Vale Terry Ingram

One of Australia's most respected and prolific visual arts writers has died.

Finalists for 2024 World of WearableArt Competition announced, including Sol Invictus, who was also a finalist of 2023 WOW. A model wearing a golden wings on her head and an armour resembling the sun, standing in a power pose with more performers in the background.

Opportunities and awards

Creative Futures Fund for works of scale, international opportunities, plus Adelaide chorus strikes gold in Aotearoa and finalists of National…

Three people looking inside cardboard box structure in Museum. Models.

Teaching models for physical learning in our digital world

From giant eyeballs to inedible fungi and architectural models – this exhibition looks at the history of teaching models.

Drawing on sheet of glass being held up in front of landscape. Yarra River.

What will the Yarra River look like in 2070?

A provocative exhibition of speculative landscape design imagines the future of the Birrarung river corridor.

Live wedding painter Rebekka Lord-John. Black and white photo of a woman with long straight hair, looking down at the canvas she is painting on. The photo is digitally manipulated to be on top of a purple background, with the words 'so you want my arts job?'
Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Live Wedding Painter

Do you have the skills to spend five to seven hours painting at a wedding? Live wedding painter Rebekka Lord-Johnson…

Melissa Loughnan, the newly appointed Fair Director at Melbourne Art Fair for 2025 and beyond. Photo of a middle-aged woman with pale skin and long brown hair with straight bangs. She is smiling at the camera, wearing an abstracted orange and navy sleeveless top on an outdoor residential footpath.

2025 Melbourne Art Fair’s new Fair Director hopes to build artists’ voices

With over 10 years of experience in art consulting, Melissa Loughnan looks to drive the Melbourne Art Fair with artists…

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