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A single dancer is spotlit. She is all in white and covered in powder that falls off her as she poses.

Dance reviews: Sixbythree, Riverside Theatres

A contemporary dance festival at Parramatta’s Riverside Theatres saw three separate dance works presented over two days.

A group of people all dressed in black leotards are looking up, about to catch a single performer who is dressed in gold and is seen in mid-air. They are standing in front of gold drapery.

Circus review: Duck Pond, Sydney Coliseum Theatre

Circa presented a modern take on Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’ and Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Ugly Duckling’ in a collision of…

Two women wearing bedazzled gloves are holding onto their stretched out legs that are shod in silver high heels.

Dance review: Wet Hard Long, Dancehouse

Contemporary dance performed in eight-inch heels is spellbinding.

A woman with brown hair and a pink dress and an open book on her lap is sitting next to a man dressed up as a beast, with horns and facial hair. There is a backdrop of a library.

Musical review: Beauty and the Beast the Musical, Her Majesty's Theatre

A fun night out for the whole family thanks to theatrical magic and big budget spectacle. 

A woman is standing in front of a red curtain drape. She has dark hair and is dressed in black, with red trim. She is gesticulating, with arms stretched out, dramatically.

Cabaret review: The Exotic Lives of Lola Montez, Chapel Off Chapel

A cabaret tribute to the scandalous 19th century dancer and performer.

Ten figures are sitting cross-legged in formation with their hands raised above their heads. They are wearing light, floaty trousers. The men are bare-chested. The women are wearing brown-coloured bras.

Dance review: Horizon, Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House

Bangarra Dance Theatre’s darkly beautiful new production draws upon the ancient roots of both Australian and New Zealand First Nations…

Three women in colourful printed clothes stand in front of assorted wire baskets that are also lit up.

Performance review: Gurr Era Op, RISING Festival, Arts House

Torres Strait Islander women confront the devastation of climate change and battle the rising tide.

A woman is kneeling in the middle of a stage, with her head back. Plumes of fire are coming out of her mouth

Performance review: Limbo – The Return, The Grand Electric

Strut & Fret hits the mark with this bacchanalian mix of cabaret, circus and acrobatics. 

A blonde woman in a strapless evening gown is standing next to a bathtub, which is on a raised platform.

Performance review: The 2024 Variety Gala, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Festival Theatre

A charcuterie plate of cabaret excellence!

A man is kneeling in the middle of a stage, craddling a toy girl. He looks distraught.

Dance review: Coppélia, QPAC   

A charming and imaginative production of 'Coppélia' presented in a welcomed revival by Queensland Ballet.  

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