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Installation view ‘Ash Keating: PRESSURE’ at Bunjil Place. Photo: Michael Pham. A vast gallery space with polished timber floor and two white columns running through it. There are six large canvases with splashes of coloured paint, ranging from yellow, orange, red to green, blue and purple.

Exhibition review: Ash Keating: PRESSURE, Bunjil Place

Pressure manifesting into canvases that capture fluidity and colour.

Installation view, 'Dawn Ng: Avalanche', Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, 2024. Image: Courtesy of the artist and Sullivan+Strumpf. Photo: Carl Warner. A video still against a black background that depicts a ice block coloured in different shades and melting.

Exhibition review: Dawn Ng: Avalanche, Institute of Modern Art

A single-channel video that can evoke different emotions and interpretations.

Close up of artwork of a white female chest, with eyes in the place of nipples.

Exhibition review: From The Other Side, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Local and international works focus on the fear of the monstrous-feminine.

Installation of glass in gallery setting. Yhonnie Scarce.

Exhibition review: Yhonnie Scarce: The Light of Day, Art Gallery of WA

A survey exhibition that reveals obscured histories and difficult truths in quiet, yet spectacular ways.

AIDS quilt on view at ‘Bloodlines by The Huxleys’. Photo: Supplied. A large quilt hangs inside a darkened gallery space with portrait photos of the many who lost their lives in the AIDS epidemic.

Exhibition review: Bloodlines by The Huxleys, Abbotsford Convent

An incredibly moving exhibition that pays tribute to artists who lost their lives in the AIDS epidemic.

'Nicholas Burridge: Built Geologies' installation view at Canberra Glassworks. Photo: Brenton McGeachie. Exhibition in an industrial space with concrete floor and white walls. A metal structure is at the centre, shaped like a narrow staircase.

Exhibition review: Nicholas Burridge: Built Geologies, Canberra Glassworks

Nicholas Burridge presents interventions in basalt and explores ancient formations alongside man-made architectural structures.

Orange glazed ceramic sculpture in orange painted gallery. Mai Nguyen Long

Exhibition review: Mai Nguyễn-Long, Kôgábịnô, Wollongong Art Gallery

Claiming agency over lost identity and language, Mai Nguyễn-Long delivers a cohesive and confident exhibition of ceramic sculptures.

Titanic. Image is of a replica grand staircase from the ill-fated Titanic passenger ship, on display at Melbourne Museum.

Exhibition review: Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition, Melbourne Museum

An easy one-hour amble through a well-trodden historical event with less focus on the Titanic’s artefacts than the exhibition title…

Australia has a black history. Image is a photograph of a group of black clad protesters in the streets of Sydney. A young woman with braided hair, a Black Lives Matter t shirt and a placard is in the centre.

Exhibition review: Barbara McGrady, Australia Has a Black History, University of Sydney

A photography exhibition that highlights 30 years of Indigenous history on Gadigal country.

Salote Tawale, ‘I remember you’, installation view at Carriageworks, 2023. Photo: Zan Wimberley. Installation of a Fijian home in a white-cube gallery space. At the front is a free-standing painting that shows two young children with brown skin and their faces hollowed out.

Exhibition review: Salote Tawale, Carriageworks

An exhibition that transports viewers and explores how objects become vessels of identity.

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