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Plot Twist. Jana Firestone. Image is on the left a young woman with shoulder length fair wavy hair parted in the middle and a leopard print top. She has one hand on her hip. On the right is a purple book cover with a looped pink arrow crossing the front over the title.

Book review: Plot Twist, Jana Firestone

A self-help guide to surviving life’s curveballs.

Whenever You're Ready. Image on left is a headshot of Trish Bolton, a middle aged woman with grey wavy shoulder length hair. On right is a pink book cover with an illustration of a table laid for tea with a teapot, watermelon and a banksia in a in jar. The title is in green and the author's name in white.

Book review: Whenever You're Ready, Trish Bolton

A debut novel from a Melbourne-based author in which a trio of 70-something women take the spotlight.

Cool Water. On the left is a head shot of a woman with red lipstick and short dark hair, she is looking slightly defensively at the camera. On the right is a blue book cover of a fish in a jar and the title in yellow.

Book review: Cool Water, Myfanwy Jones

Fathers and sons and how damage can be inherited.


Book review: Always Will Be, Mykaela Saunders

Speculative fiction that foregrounds the Indigenous experience.

Akaraka. A dark set with two people of African appearance, a woman with braided hair and a wraparound shoulderless costume, wearing a red necklace and an older seated man, dressed in regal robes with a red hat.

Theatre review: Akaraka, The Substation

Akaraka grapples with topics related to the West African diaspora in Australia.

What I Would Do to You. On the left is an author headshot of a smiling Caucasian woman with large leaf-shaped dangly earrings, red lipstick and short red/brown hair with a fringe combed to one side. The book cover on the right has the title in big black letters over images of cut flowers.

Book review: What I Would Do to You, Georgia Harper

What would you do if faced with the shocking conundrum explored here?

The Great Housing Hijack. On the left is an author upper body shot of a young man with stubbly facial hair, a smile and a grey shirt. On the right is the book cover featuring the title and a range of small houses floating on clouds.

Book review: The Great Housing Hijack, Cameron K Murray

A deconstruction of the housing debate and a proposal for a novel solution.

Tilda is Visible. On the left is an author image from the torso up of a Caucasian women with shoulder length centre parted strawberry blonde hair and red lipstick. She is wearing a white T shirt and smiling at the camera. On the right is a book cover with the title of the book in large yellow letters on pink and yellow background, slashed diagonally and a line drawing of a woman holding a camera.

Book review: Tilda is Visible, Jane Tara

A novel about sisterhood and ageism that is poignant, surreal and empathetic.

Raw Salt. Image is a young woman with long dark wavy hair on the left standing in front of external foliage, body turned slight to her right, wearing black polo neck jumper under black and white patterned sleeveless dress. She has dark red lipstick and a slight smile. On the right is a book cover of close-up of a public phone push button pad, above the book's title in a grey stripe at the bottom.

Book review: Raw Salt, Izzy Roberts-Orr

This debut poetry collection canvasses death and the environment, mourning and memory.

The Silver River. On the left is an author shot of a middle-aged man wearing glasses and a black jumper, with a red beanie and grey beard with arms folded. He is standing in front of a panel in a recording studio. On the right is a black and white book cover with a close up of a three men, one in full face, two with just the halves of their faces. They are members of the band Midnight Oil. The book's title is over their faces.

Book review: The Silver River, Jim Moginie

A memoir from Midnight Oil's founding member explores Australia's shameful past adoption practices.

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