Casus – Knee Deep

JUDITH WRIGHT CENTRE: Four Brisbane circus performers have joined forces to produce a stunning display of skill and a brain-meltingly spectacular physical experience.
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Have you ever had a show leave you speechless? Check out Knee Deep if you want to know what that’s like.

Four Brisbane circus performers – former Circa and Flying Fruit-Fly Circus performers Emma Serjeant, Jesse Scott and Lachlan McAulay, together with Polytoxic’s Natano Fa’anana – have joined forces to produce a stunning display of skill and the city’s newest circus company.

It’s no surprise that the opening night of Casus’ Knee Deep was sold out – individually they are extremely talented performers, but together they create a brain-meltingly spectacular experience. There are no distractions from the performers’ amazing physicality. Costumes and staging are simple – no glitter and glitz detracts from their awe-inspiring physical feats.

Haunting music and subtle lighting sets the tone for each piece as they effortlessly move through a range of amazing skills. This beautifully choreographed show is a pleasure to watch. The performers make smooth transitions between acts, tying the show together in a way that many more traditional troupes do not.

A few low key, humorous pieces – like the romance between man and egg – give the audience time to catch their breath. And it’s a much-needed break after seeing human chains and almost super-human balancing acts.

But while there are some heart-stopping moments, it’s not the extreme thrill-seeking circus that many shows strive to be. Instead, each moment is full of beauty, grace and amazing muscle control that stretches the limits of human agility and highlights the inherent sensuality of acrobatics.

This is the best live circus show I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. I’d happily return every night of the season.

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Casus – Knee Deep
Created and performed by Emma Serjeant, Jesse Scott, Lachlan McAulay and Natano Fa’anana
Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
June 2 – 9

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