New Parliamentary Inquiry into benefits and impact of arts during COVID

A new Parliamentary Inquiry from the Federal Government asks about the impact of the arts during COVID-19 including a survey asking what you think.

The Federal Government has asked the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts to report on Australia’s creative and cultural industries and institutions, but most specifically, to hear evidence on the benefits the arts bring to Australia, and the significant impacts that COVID-19 has had on this industry.

The Committee is currently accepting submissions including via an online survey or with longer submissions to the Inquiry.

Committee Chair, Dr David Gillespie MP, said ‘Australia’s cultural and creative industries are at a point of significant change as Australia adapts to life in a pandemic’.

‘Australia’s creative innovation economy has made us a major player in the international arts arena, delivering benefits to our economy and helping shape our national identity. It’s time to reflect on and re-think the way we create and interact with art, as we react to the pandemic and the challenges we need to overcome’.

Along with Gillespie (Nationals, NSW) the committee will include Hon Ed Husic MP (Labor, NSW), Dr Katie Allen MP (Liberal, Vic), Ms Angie Bell MP (Liberal/National, Qld), Hon Damian Drum MP (Nationals, Vic), Mr Patrick Gorman MP (Labor, WA), Emma McBride MP (Labor, NSW) and Mr Trent Zimmerman (Liberal, NSW).

The terms of reference for the inquiry state that it will look into Australia’s creative and cultural industries and institutions including, but not limited to Indigenous, regional, rural and community based organisations.

The Committee will consider:

  • The direct and indirect economic benefits and employment opportunities of creative and cultural industries and how to recognise, measure and grow them
  • The non-economic benefits that enhance community, social wellbeing and promoting Australia’s national identity, and how to recognise, measure and grow them
  • The best mechanism for ensuring cooperation and delivery of policy between layers of government
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the creative and cultural industries; and
  • Avenues for increasing access and opportunities for Australia’s creative and cultural industries through innovation and the digital environment.

As part of the evidence gathering stage, public hearings and briefings will take further evidence in person, which will then be followed by a report presented to Parliament (date yet to be confirmed). To know which Parliamentary Members are overseeing the committee


Anyone can make a submission to the inquiry which addresses some or all of the terms of reference, by using the My Parliament system or email to

Submissions do not have a set format, but should be prepared solely for the inquiry and should not be published prior to being accepted by the Committee.

Further information about making a submission to a parliamentary inquiry is available. Submissions close by Thursday, 22 October 2020.

Contribute your view to the online survey.

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