The design lab collating women’s experiences of safety in public spaces

A new exhibition that draws attention to the experiences of women and the LGBTIQ+ community’s experience of spatial inequity is a timely reminder of conversations we need to be having right now.

A video work featuring a diverse group of women posing the question, ‘Do you feel safe?, and paired with an electronic music score, is a haunting example of the dialogue women must be having with each other now. It comes after recent political events and the Women’s March to protest against violence and abuse against women.

The work entitled Do you feel safe? forms part of Hypersext City*, which is currently showing at the University of Sydney’s Tin Sheds Gallery. The exhibition seeks to examine the experience of safety women, and those from the LGBTIQ+ community, feel in public places. It is curated by Monash University’s XYX Lab, a team of experienced design researchers exploring gender-sensitive design practices and theory.

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