Rebelling against the norm to thrive as a creative

At Pause Fest’s Why Creativity Matters panel, professionals from fields including advertising, design and technology discuss the value of being creative and why we need divergent thinkers in society.

‘We often have to think critically about our ideas and justify to clients or naysayers why something works. We question authority, we always look at things differently and are kind of like the troublemakers, the misfits,’ San San Truong said kicking off the Why Creativity Matter Panel. ‘We have to have the courage to say something different or to do something different.’

Other panellists Melissa Pepers, Karen Cheng and Alex Wadelton joined Truong on the panel. Pepers, a business designer, strategist and futurist agreed with Truong that rebellion is part of having success as a creative and that being boring is bad for business. 

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