New TarraWarra exhibitions connected by geometry

Peter Atkins, Dana Harris and the TarraWarra Museum of Art collaborate for three concurrent exhibitions.
A wooden table, green pendant light and abstract wooden chair in a white room.

The TarraWarra Museum of Art is hosting three concurrent exhibitions curated by Anthony Fitzpatrick. The exhibitions are tied primarily by geometric themes of shapes, lines and patterns, with an emphasis on Clement Meadmore’s work. 

SUPERsystems: Peter Atkins and Dana Harris

Contemporary artists Peter Atkins and Dana Harris present new works leaning on seriality to reinterpret the everyday in SUPERsystems

‘Dr No (after Maurice Binder)’ 2020-23, Peter Atkins. Image courtesy of the artist.

Atkins uses signs and symbols to consider new meanings in his art. Abstract forms from his environment act as a starting point for Atkins to consider how cultural memories may be activated in the final piece he produces. 

Harris’ work distils forms and invites surrounding space into her pieces, from the walls behind her works, to the lights used on them. Woven, constructed and knitted pieces allow Harris to explore form with restraint and consideration, with the goal of provoking reflection in her audience. 

‘fancywork 10’, Dana Harris. Image: Courtesy of the artist.

The Industrial Design of Clement Meadmore: The Harris/Atkins Collection 

In this exhibit, Harris and Atkins’ Clement Meadmore collection is displayed in its entirety for the first time. The Industrial Design of Clement Meadmore celebrates his contributions to Australian modernist design through lamps, chairs and tables. The collection allows the scope of Meadmore’s designs created from readily available materials to be appreciated.

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Systems and Structures: A Focus on the TarraWarra Museum of Art Collection

‘Polychrome Painting’ 2006, John Nixon. Image: TarraWarra Museum of Art.

Systems and Structures dips into the museum’s rich collection to complete the trilogy of exhibitions. Works from Hilarie Mais, John Nixon and Rosalie Gascoigne among others are included, all united through their use of patterns and modules. Further Clement Meadmore pieces feature. 

The exhibitions are on show from 23 March – 14 July 2024. Tickets are available on the TarraWarra Museum website.