The women who changed their lives to become writers

These women seized their moment in midlife and returned to their first love – writing.

As a young woman, Lindy Ralph always loved writing, but got sidetracked. Training as a dental nurse and working across varied jobs in her 20s, including as a stage manager, she found herself pregnant with her son at 30 and became a single mother. The dental nursing put food on the table during this time but, after some years, she realised she was drawn to working in a creative field again.

Ralph decided it was time to prioritise her own life again and ‘do what I really wanted to do’ – which was learn how to make money from writing – ‘but I just didn’t know how,’ she says. First she enrolled in a Bachelor of Creative Arts at La Trobe University in Bendigo, but when she lost her tour business during COVID in 2020, she decided to move back to Melbourne with her partner.

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Sally Grage-Moore is a freelance performer, choreographer, dancer, writer and qualified teacher. For over a decade she was a Specialist Performing Arts Teacher for the Victorian Department of Education. She is currently studying for an Associate's degree in Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT University.