Pushing limits and norms with ‘Sense of Place’

Disabled-led arts organisation Weave Movement Theatre brings forth multifaceted experiences and connections in 'Sense of Place'.

Tucked away in the FAQ section of Weave Movement Theatre’s website is an inconspicuous looking dot point. Under the heading “What will I learn in a Weave workshop” is the statement “Explore and push the limits of movement, questioning the norms and socially acceptable ways of moving and dancing”. Disabled people push physical limits and social norms every day, even without a workshop, so it’s powerful currency to see those experiences translated through the multidimensional looking glass that is Weave Theatre.

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Heidi Everett is a writer, multi-disciplinary artist and performer, independent producer, mental health and neurodivergent Lived Experience advocate. She founded and directs Schizy Inc, one of Australia's most established disability-led arts organisations for people with complex mental health. Heidi is a Writers Victoria Write-ability fellowship alumni, with a memoir 'My Friend Fox' published by Ultimo Press. Heidi's work in the arts and advocacy include Victoria Government Disability Award Volunteer and Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council Human RIghts award, as well as industry recognition in music, comedy, visual art and theatre.