How artists can survive climate anxiety

Climate despair can be stifling for artists or anyone who doesn’t feel like they are doing ‘enough' to impact change. Here’s what creatives can do to fight the climate crisis and find meaning in your work.

When there is a sense of hopelessness or feeling that nothing will change with it comes the climate crisis and interconnected social injustice, our creative pursuits can feel meaningless in comparison.

What role is there for that artwork or creative project when a climate crisis will see people displaced, roads melt and trainlines buckle to name a few predicted impending disasters?

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Madeleine Dore
About the Author
Madeleine Dore is a freelance writer and founder of Extraordinary Routines, an interview project exploring the intersection between creativity and imperfection. She is the previous Deputy Editor at ArtsHub. Follow her on Twitter at @RoutineCurator