Say it Loud! The artist’s guide to public speaking success

Effective public speaking can bring a competitive edge to your career. Here are 15 practical tips to help you speak clearly and confidently about your art.

The ability to speak clearly and confidently about your art can be an important factor in your success. From talking to a prospective gallerist or agent, to speaking at an international arts event and meeting collectors at an art fair, the ability to distil your work and your vision into words is critically important. Effective public speaking and confident networking can increase your visibility in a crowded marketplace and create a competitive edge in your career.  So, if you’re anxious at the mere thought of giving an artist’s talk, read on!

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Dr Diana Carroll
About the Author
Dr Diana Carroll is a writer, speaker, and reviewer based in Adelaide. Her work has been published in newspapers and magazines including the SMH, the Oz, Woman's Day, and B&T. Writing about the arts is one of her great passions.