Acing a phone interview

Having to complete a job interview over the phone can be a blessing or a curse, but with a few simple tips to keep in mind, the phone interview need not be the daunting experience you’ve always pictured it as.

In these days when most of us are permanently attached to our mobiles, it isn’t much of a surprise that more and more job interviews are conducted over the phone. Many people simply don’t feel as comfortable the phone, so if you fall into this category, the most important thing to remember is to be prepared.

One of the most important aspects of your preparation is to have a quiet place where you can wait for your call, free from all potential distractions. You must keep pen and paper handy, because much valuable information is likely to be dispensed during the conversation. You should also keep a copy of your resume nearby, as your employer is likely to refer to it during the interview. If you suffer from interview nerves, remember that your employer can’t see you, so focus on your listening and speaking skills and don’t worry about the painful grimaces you might be simultaneously pulling.

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