A cure for toxic positivity

What does a positive workplace look like? Beyond the motivational posters, lunchtime yoga, we spoke to two experts about toxic positivity and its antidote: psychological safety.
Three yellow balloons, with two having smiley faces

For an already fragile industry, with high rates of mental health issues, the last few years have been a trial for the creative industries. The challenge continues as organisations approximate a return to business as usual while navigating absences due to COVID and ongoing audience apprehension about attending live events. The need to establish working environments that can weather such storms is particularly prominent today. As the old adage goes: a happy worker is a productive worker. So should we be focussed on keeping everyone happy?

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Trisnasari is a psychologist with an interest in the wellbeing and fulfilment of artists, performers, creatives and all those who follow their passions. As well as assisting clients manage challenges of working in creative industries and life in general, she is also completing a PhD. She blogs and has a podcast at iamreadypsychology.com.