10 things to consider before moving into artist management

If you’re a talented problem solver, passionate about the music industry and keen to help artists go far, then a career in artist management may be for you.

Seeking a successful career in artist management takes dedication. Expect long hours creating open communication lines. You need to build trust with musicians, and develop deep mutual respect. These are crucial factors in the success of the relationship. With shared values you can create the ultimate artist-to-manager relationship. Like any other close life relationship, it will never be without challenges. 

Managers often have backgrounds in other industries, bringing new skills that can be applied within the role, and that’s welcomed. Many managers continually seek out professional development in areas such as mental health, psychology, the law, business principles, logistics, promotional and marketing know-how, negotiation skills and conflict management. 

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Catherine Haridy
About the Author
Catherine Haridy is the Executive Director of the Association of Artist Managers and Catherine Haridy Management.