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Visitors at the Australasian Quilt Convention 2023. Photo: Supplied. People testing out a big sewing machine while quilts are on display in the background.

What’s in a quilt convention?

The Australasian Quilt Convention offers a platform for showcasing the best quilters from around the world and encourages learning and…

Olsen Gallery Booth A4 at Melbourne Art Fair 2024 with works by Jacqui Stockdale. Photo: Supplied. A gallery booth with one walls revealing paintings inside and a sculpture of a puppet-like woman with four arms.

Best of Melbourne Art Fair 2024

What to see at this year's Melbourne Art Fair, which features contributions from over 60 galleries.

man laying back with foot on old cassette player. Arts news.

This week's arts news and trending topics

We break it – you read it. This week's top arts news stories.

Future of Arts, Culture & Technology Symposium 2024 at ACMI, ‘Presenting the new canon in 2050’ panel. Photo: Gianna Rizzo. People sitting in a dark cinema with four people sitting on stage below a large screen showing a digital work (still). The work features a human figure moving their upper body with arms outstretched.

Predictions for the arts canon in 2050

The future ultimately hinges on what gets preserved now, where tech hardware, copyright and data protection run alongside ethical considerations.


Vale Sue Hewitt (1941-2024)

An era has passed with the death of the former head of Christie’s Australia.

Powerhouse Residency open for applications. L-R: Stefania Gertis, Jenny Kee, Iordanes Spyridon Gogos. Photo: Zan Wimberley. Three peopel wearing colourful sculptural garments standing in a studio space with white walls. The garments have dreamy tones of pink, purple and bnlue, with sculptural bits poking out like patterned paper cuts.

Opportunities and awards

New funding for music, circus, regional arts and more, plus winners at the PDAs and AWGIEs.

arts signage: street view of PICA (Perth Contemporary Arts Space) showing a large green sign saying "Art Lives Here".

Why hide your light under a bushel? Lessons in signage for arts spaces

The power of art often lies in its subtleties, but when it comes to promoting your arts space, the opposite…

Abstract painting in reds and yellow and green. Lesley Dumbrell.

Talking about winter blockbusters already…

The Art Gallery of NSW has announced its major exhibition program for 2024, including incredible Art Nouveau works from Alphonse…

A women dressed in 1940s fashion with rosy cheeks and a thoughtful gaze. She is wearing a purple velvet dress, with black feathered cuffs, holding a handbag shaped like a fan and a red beret. She sits on a worn green armchair and behind her are several paintings, including self portraits with a gold background.

Exhibition showcasing the art of corsage and masking

Maya Tamang (aka Miss Martha) speaks on fashion, art therapy and disability in her exhibition at Abbotsford Convent.

Three people stand outside new museum construction. Powerhouse.

Powerhouse partnership a $4 million win for well-being

A new partnership aims at deepening community connection with Powerhouse Parramatta, through well-being.

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