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Review: Night Zoo, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Free finger puppets is a ripper way to start a show, so sitting there with puppets on fingers, the audience…


Review: The Farmer's Daughter, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

From mystical opening ‘til close of curtains, this gentle tale will keep you and your children entranced.

Career Advice

Career spotlight: Puppeteer

In the latest instalment of our spotlight series, three renowned puppeteers tell us what it takes to pursue a career…


In the hands of the professionals: Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Australia’s oldest puppetry company Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is building on its successes and giving back to the performing arts…

Opinions & Analysis

Puppetry pulls many strings

An emphasis on children's theatre or partial puppet productions does not necessarily mean weakness in Australian puppetry.


Taking the pulse of Australian puppetry

Puppetry has featured prominently in recent mainstage productions including Storm Boy and King Kong, but how healthy is the sector…


Henson Alternative's Puppet Up! Uncensored

Even these naughty versions of the Muppets retain their more famous counterparts’ unwillingness to offend.

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Puppets, politics and the internet

Are the arts taken seriously in Australia? This seems to be an eternal debate, that can only be judged by…

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Opinions & Analysis

Puppets, Korea and a Korean Puppet Festival

This month, Naomi Guss answers criticism of her Starting Out column from last month and takes us through her recent…

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