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A group of people all dressed in black leotards are looking up, about to catch a single performer who is dressed in gold and is seen in mid-air. They are standing in front of gold drapery.

Circus review: Duck Pond, Sydney Coliseum Theatre

Circa presented a modern take on Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’ and Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Ugly Duckling’ in a collision of…

A crouching crowd all in black wearing gold masks.

Performance review: Mysterion: Descent Into Hades, Hellenic Museum

An immersive, interactive production where the audience has to undergo quests to unlock the secrets of immortality.


Theatre review: Little Blue Dot, Monash University

What do a team of astrophysicists have to do with making children’s theatre?

Two women wearing bedazzled gloves are holding onto their stretched out legs that are shod in silver high heels.

Dance review: Wet Hard Long, Dancehouse

Contemporary dance performed in eight-inch heels is spellbinding.

Two men dressed casually in hoodies stand between another man who is stuck inside a tall, caged structure.

Theatre review: Famished Future Feeders, New Benner Theatre, Metro Arts

Exploring diverse elements of a darkly dystopian future, this well-staged production features promising new talent. 

live music: a male musician playing the drums in darkened bright blue light on a small stage.

NSW's sound investment in musicians

Live music and touring acts get a $4.8 million boost in NSW.

A woman dressed in pants and a long coat is standing in front of a large screen with an image of a close up headshot of a fuzzy pink and long-haired creature with fangs.

Theatre review: Dracula, Roslyn Packer Theatre

Director Kip Williams returns with his third 'cine-theatre' production of a Gothic trilogy.

A red leaved tree stands out in a forest of green.

The benefits of accommodating neurodiverse performers

Considering the accessibility needs of performers who are not neurotypical will lead to a more equitable sector.

Man sitting on chair outside with paper pages raining down on him. Arts news.

This week's arts news and trending topics

This week's top arts news stories and most read reviews.

Ability Fest. Five men in black T shirts are in front of festival crowd, one on the right is in a wheelchair, smiling and holding a microphone.

Ability Fest returns and expands to Queensland

The music festival with inclusion baked into its DNA returns this October.

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