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Episode 1 of the ArtsHubbub is now live, looking at where ideas come from and featuring Christos Tsiolkas, Chris Endry, Shags and Dr Maggie Webb.
Our new podcast: the ArtsHubbub Author Christos Tsiolkas in his study. Photo credit: Zoe Ali.


'I do think treating what we do as work is important for your sense of yourself as a writer and also to, to then make space for it in terms of the rest of your life as well,' Damascus author Christos Tsiolkas told Richard Watts in an interview in the writer's studio. Tsiolkas spoke frankly about a turning point in his artistic practice – when he decided his writing need a space – in a rare and honest interview where he talks about coming out to his mother and how the gospel of St Paul helped them to understand each other.


Later we talk to artists about creativity and finding that magical state where they can come up with new ideas.

According to Dr Maggie Webb, some ways of thinking are more fertile for ideas. But beware of distractions: 'Every time you have that interruption, you have to start a thought process again, even if you are halfway through a thought process that inertia is gone,' Webb warned.

For musician and performer Chris Endry, work was the biggest distraction from his art: 'I used to work in an office and I find that when you become full of work for other people, or in big systems that don't necessarily align with what you need to be doing, or you want to be doing, then you don't have time or space or capacity to to critically learn things in your free time, like you know, so you spend your free time in recovery.’

Episode 1: Where do ideas come from? was made by Richard Watts, Sabine Brix, Michelle Macklem and George Dunford. It featured 'Chasing Waterfalls' by Tim Shiel as its theme music. 

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