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Episode 2 of the ArtsHubbub tackles political activism in the arts with an interview with Badiucao plus we attended a climate action rally to understand how artists can create political change.
Our new podcast: the ArtsHubbub Unmasking street artist, political cartoonist and performance artist Badiucao. Image supplied.


Visual artist Badiucao speaks out on the power paste-up activism in the face of China’s censorship of his art. Hear about how he makes the streets of Hong Kong his gallery, and creating art in the face of fear and oppression. For the Nudge, we went along to the climate change rally at the State Library of Victoria to find out how artists can be politically active and effective. We spoke to Jessie Ngaio, Lyndal Jones, Neil Pharaoh and Jeff Sparrow protesting and art’s ability to change our world. Plus a monthly round up of what’s happening in the arts.

Episode 2: Political activism in the arts – when do we want it? Now! was made by Richard Watts, Sabine Brix, Michelle Macklem, Jinghua Qian and George Dunford.


It features 'Chasing Waterfalls' by Tim Shiel as its theme music. Our thanks also to the State Library of Victoria for providing interview spaces for this podcast.

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Episode 1: Where do ideas come from?

Writer Christos Tsiolkas talks writing practice, his studio and the inspiration for his new novel Damascus. In our monthly segment the Nudge, we explore where ideas come from with research psychologist Dr Maggie Webb, visual artist Shags and musician/performer Chris Endry. Plus our monthly round up of what’s hot in the arts in the upcoming months.

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