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Dream Catcher Workshop

Learn the art of designing, creating and making your Dream Catcher at Bead Shacks's 1 1/2 hour Dream Catcher Workshop.


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Learn the art of making your very own Dream Catcher!  Age appropriate for 8 years to 80 years old!

The size of the ring we usually give is 11.5cm across, however a larger ring can be chosen – just know that your hands may get very tired on a larger project.

Learn to cover the ring, attach a woven web, then adorn the bottom with ribbons, beads, feathers, threads, charms, whatever you like.  You can purchase extra items from around the shop to customise the piece to your own design, or just stick with the materials offered on the work table.

You can book for one person, but if possible, it is preferable if you can invite a small group to come with you.

Our Cancellation Policy for these classes:  Should you be able to give us 48 hours notice that your child will be unable to attend, we will refund your payment in full.  This gives us a chance to re-fill the vacant seat/seats.  Any notice given shorter than that 50% of your payment is refundable, please email us to notify.

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