From behind the scenes at IKEA to exploring design through VR

LCI Melbourne’s Bachelor of Design Arts Interior Design offers students backstage passes to multiple learning environments, opening up endless education possibilities.
From behind the scenes at IKEA to exploring design through VR

A student experiencing the new LCI campus through VR Goggles. Photo by LCI Melbourne.

Can you imagine enrolling in a University degree that allows you to choose your own learning environment? Well, you don’t have to – LCI Melbourne offers Bachelor of Design Arts students who are undertaking Interior Design as their major, to choose from multiple bespoke learning surroundings.


LCI Melbourne’s Interior Design Major focuses on the designing of spaces across various environments, ranging from residential design to commercial design. The course also covers exhibition design with attention to lighting and acoustics. Students participating in the Interior Design Major explore colour selections by creating mood boards and palettes, resulting in a hands-on, project-based work balance across the various subjects on offer.

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‘There are a variety of different learning environments and tools that the students can use within the industry. And what better way to show them by giving them real life industry experience?’ said Mireille Oberholster, Interior Design Coordinator at LCI Melbourne.

Student project Imogen Bird and Jun Evrim. Supplied.


At LCI Melbourne current students have had the opportunity to talk directly to contemporary designers at the Local Milan Design Talks, and go backstage at IKEA to view the alchemy of room setting by IKEA designers.

Current students enrolled in the Bachelor of Design Arts Interior Design Major have also had the opportunity to explore the process of interior designing a home with Porter Davis, and learn how great lighting can achieve wonders at Christopher Boots.

Oberholster told ArtsHub: ‘Our new campus in Collingwood was designed by architects from Gray Pucksand. When they designed the interior they actually used VR goggles to showcase the atrium space with the huge gallery space included.

‘When it was designed the architects gave the students a chance to use the VR goggles. The students were able to experience the design before it was built. And in the documentation phase the architects came and spoke to the students about the challenges they had on working on a Heritage building. Those are the type of experiences we try to incorporate for our students – this is first hand learning,’ she said.

The relationships and partnerships teachers and staff have made in the industry allows for interesting and bespoke learning experiences with the exciting educational opportunities offered to students altering each year.

‘A year or so ago, we had interior designers come and speak to our first year students. And at the time the designers were designing an apartment for a celebrity,’ said Oberholster.

‘So what we did is we actually gave the students the exact same brief as the designers had been given by their client. The students created designs and colour boards that we were able to show the designers. And in turn they were able to give the students feedback on their designs,’ she said.

‘Alongside that the students got to see the final product – once the designers had actually taken photos and styled the apartment.

‘The design stage is one thing but we also look at the realistic aspects of styling. Whether it’s lighting or photography for editorials – it’s a well-rounded education,’ Oberholster emphasised.

Working in a blended learning environment cultivates confidence among students when it comes time to graduate.

‘One of the things we really pride ourselves on at LCI Melbourne is that we look at what’s happening within the industry, within the market place and hone in on how we are able to not just be sustainable or socially responsible, but to also create beautiful, purpose-made designs that not only look good but function as well,’ Oberholster concluded.

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Thursday 2 August, 2018

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