Megan Payne

Megan Payne is a writer and dancer based on Wurundjeri Land. They study Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT University, and are an associate editor with The Suburban Review.

Megan's Latest Articles

We Only Want What's Best. Image is book cover with woman in sleeveless white dress arms akimbo and big earrrings.

Book review: We Only Want What's Best, Carolyn Swindell

Turbulence and scandal in the dance world as seen from the perspectives of both parents and children.


Book review: Resistance, Jacinta Halloran

An exploration into human stamina and how it keeps things hidden as well as keeps people safe.


Book review: Thirst for Salt, Madelaine Lucas

An impressive debut story of feminine desire and power.


Book review: Children of Tomorrow, JR Burgmann

A debut novel about the far reaches of climate change.


Book review: I'll Leave You With This, Kylie Ladd

A heart-breaking, spirited story about the strength of a brother’s legacy


Book review: The Other Olivia, Tamara M Bailey

A tightly constructed sci-fi of international proportions, influenced by the Canadian series Orphan Black and The Matrix but set in…


Theatre review: A Simple Act of Kindness

A relatable comedy about family and real estate, written over Zoom and set in Melbourne in 2020.


Theatre review: Lele

A contemporary reinvention of Antigone, a story of finding your way through honouring those that came before.

Desi Girl

Book review: Desi Girl, Sarah Malik

An engaging, reflective and energised memoir that fills an important space.


Dance review: Dance X (Part One)

The first of three festival offerings showcases pieces that include works by The Australian Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, Lucy Guerin…

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