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Installation view of 'Africa Fashion' on display from 31 May to 6 October 2024 at NGV International, Melbourne. Photo: Lillie Thompson. Nine mannequins standing on a tiered display with red lights. Each of them are wearing glittery and glamorous garments by African fashion designers.

Exhibition review: Africa Fashion, NGV

‘Africa Fashion’ is a visual feast imbued with history and agency.

Installation view of a gallery showing mannequins in period Parisian dresses, there are also pictures on the wall. Paris: Impressions of Life.

Exhibition Review: Paris: Impressions of Life 1880-1925, Bendigo Art Gallery

Enchanting and escapist showcase that nonetheless shies away from depicting the less glamorous side of Parisian life.

LISA GORMAN + MIRKA MORA, installation view at Warrnambool Art Gallery. Photo: Supplied. An exhibition space partitioned with orange, dark turquoise and pink sheer curtains. In front of the curtains hang embroideries by Mirka Mora and clothing by Gorman x Mirka.

Exhibition review: LISA GORMAN + MIRKA MORA: To breathe with the rhythm of the heart, Warrnambool Art Gallery

A lyrical and symbiotic pairing of fashion design, sculptural installations, painting, embroideries and more by two Australian icons.

ganbu marra runway. Image is huge immersive space with Indigenous imagery and small figures parading their fashions on the floor.

Event review: ganbu marra runway, THE LUME

The mesmerising ganbu marra runway, with THE LUME’s 'Connections' exhibition as its backdrop, highlighted cultural elegance and excellence.


Exhibition review: Andrew Gall, Webb Gallery, Queensland

Shell necklaces tell Indigenous stories of identity and culture.


Exhibition Review: Alice in Wonderland, WA Museum

A world class exhibition revealing the history of Alice and the magic of Wonderland.


Exhibition review: Zampatti Powerhouse

An exclusive retrospective on an Australian designer that deserves the international stage.


Exhibition review: Embodiment

A sensory, immersive exhibition from emerging artists.


Exhibition review: Fantastical Worlds

A playful survey that showcases the work of four artists and designer across styles and centuries.


Exhibition review: And she was wearing trousers

New multimedia commissions from African artists take from the past and the present.

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