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Tips from authors on running school workshops

Here are some recommendations to consider if you've ever wanted to know how to wrangle kids in the classroom as…


Why sensitivity readers matter

Sensitivity readers can not only identify misrepresentations of marginalised communities but also make books more authentic, Helen Young writes.


8 Australian graphic novels everyone should read

Whether you're new to comic books or looking to expand your reading list beyond the Big Two (Marvel and DC),…


A national celebration of poetry’s diversity

A month of readings, events and workshops takes off in August to showcase diverse poetic talents and the breadth of…

A grey-haired woman wearing a white shirt and white-framed glasses sits in front of a crowded bookcase.

The work will outlast the life: Gwen Harwood as feminist icon

Gwen Harwood may be one of Australia’s most celebrated 20th century poets but has often not been seen for the…

A stylised image of Pinocchio, his nose extended as he lies.

10 Australian literary scandals

The Australian book world has long been enlivened with scams and misdemeanours.


The pros and cons of recording audiobooks

Are you thinking about recording your book? We invited authors and industry professionals to speak of their experiences working with…

Arts crypto philanthropy

Is your arts org crypto-ready?

Cryptocurrency has the potential to open up a new world of philanthropy, here are some key considerations for arts organisations.

art music therapy

Does the arts sector need more creative therapists?

More and more evidence points to the therapeutic effects of art and music, but can their makers also benefit?


Should I self-publish?

DIY book making can be a tricky but rewarding experience.

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