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Italian heritage group decries 'biennalisation' of Venice

Italia Nostra says a new sculptural display in Venice’s public square distracts from the city’s existing cultural heritage and infrastructure…

‘Top Arts 2024’, installation view at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia. Photo: Kate Shanasy. Three people looking at artwork inside a spacious gallery with white walls and grey concrete floor.
Opinions & Analysis

Top Arts 2024: five student artists to watch

With an overall strong cohort of VCE student artists, ‘Top Arts 2024’ exemplifies dedication and thoughtfulness from young stars.

Craft hobbies using humble and nostalgic materials. Photo: Amy Shamblen, Unsplash. Colourful paper stripes shooting out of an icecream cone with a small paper umbrella at the top. The background is a pastel yellow.
Opinions & Analysis

Craft hobbies you may have overlooked

Apart from crocheting and knitting, there are other craft hobbies that have come back into fashion with new aesthetic twits.

Trash Museum of Bishkek. Photo: Supplied. A shipping container in the middle of a desert landscape with seven people sitting and standing out the front.
Opinions & Analysis

Why you should pay attention to Central Asia ecological art

Ecological art in Central Asia confronts oppressive state power and the environmental crisis, yet is overlooked in contemporary discourse.

The future of the sector relies on navigating existing challenges. Image: Shutterstock.
Opinions & Analysis

The state of Indigenous art organisations in Gimuy/Cairns

The Indigenous art sector is facing a number of challenges, especially when skills development and skilled Indigenous personnel are at…

Still from 'Natural Rythms of Australia' by VANDAL at Darling Quarter North. Photo: Supplied.
Opinions & Analysis

Exploring the ethics of Artificial Intelligence in art

Creators behind year-long generative AI work that traces changes in Australia’s natural environment unveil their considerations when it comes to…

Colonial. Photo: Jill Burrow via Pexels. Green ink dropped into a clear glass of water.
Opinions & Analysis

On nature painting and colonial narratives

The opportunities for cross-cultural responses to Country are still awkward spaces for artists and galleries to venture into.

Cover of Erin Visagie's honours project featuring works by (left to right, top to bottom) Ishani Buff, Suleiman Thomas, Jamela Boutique, Carlin Stephenson, ANNANASA and Mastani. Image: Supplied.
Opinions & Analysis

Cultural diversity in Australia's fashion industry: a call for true representation

How far does Australia have to go to do justice to CALD representation in fashion?

Griffith. Exterior view of gallery at night
Opinions & Analysis

Why university art museums play a vital role

The probable closure of GUAM reveals a fundamental misconception of the Gallery's importance.

Opinions & Analysis

Under a wet blanket: navigating the Australian arts ecosystem as First Nations artists

It's time that First Nations artists were allowed to be in the driver's seat and not confined to the passenger's.

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