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Gallery of suitcases suspended with red string by artist Chiharu Shiota.

Unravelling Chiharu Shiota’s threads of humanity

Studying in Australia played a huge part in shaping the career of internationally celebrated installation artist Chiharu Shitoa, currently showing…


Exhibitions review: Sea and Sky by Mostyn Bramley-Moore and Look Out by John Smith

Two artist showcasing work that highlight the resonance of nature and past ephemeral connections.

People standing in a James Turrell light artwork

ACMI’s latest exhibition unpacks light as both phenomena and subject

ACMI's new light exhibition pushes you around – mentally – like a rag doll, wowed by a roll call of…

Person watching video with tapestry banners displaying hands

Exhibition review: Land Abounds, Ngununggula

An exhibition that looks at the power of perception, and the power of influence in a world contorted by race…


Exhibition review: Who are you: Australian Portraiture

Over 200 works speak to the various forms of Australian identity.


Exhibition review: Untitled, Eugene Carchesio

An understated exhibition that speaks volumes.


Exhibition review: Looking Glass, Judy Watson and Yhonnie Scarce

Two Indigenous artists present multi-media representations of family, Country and loss.


Exhibition review: Metaverse

A four-part group exhibition that considers what it means to be shaped by the internet.


Exhibition Review: John Olsen Goya's Dog, Ngununggula

A fresh take on touring iconic artist John Olsen, adding regional connections


Exhibition review: Groundwork

Mark Galea's geometric sculptures and paintings are a perfect balance between space and colour.

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