Master quilter brings awareness to endangered species

The Taiwanese artist and quilter, Danny Amazonas, will make a stop in Australia at the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair.
Textile artist Danny Amazonas standing in front of his large-scale quilt work. Photo: Courtesy of the artist. A middle-aged Asian man wearing glasses with yellow lenses and a gray t-shirt stnading in front of a large quilt work depicting a seaturtle surrounded by fish. The piece is vibrant and colourful.

Danny Amazonas, a Taiwan-based textiles artist, is bringing his kaleidoscopic works to Australia at the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair (3-6 July).

Amazonas’ complex mosaic quilts often feature animals such as elephants and tigers. His process begins with selecting an array of fabrics in bold and contrasting colours that are then meticulously cut into small pieces. The results are captivating works with a message of advocacy. ‘One of my passions is to bring awareness to conservation of endangered animals through my artwork,’ says Amazonas on his Instagram account.

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